Vintage Strings & Musical Instrument Co.

4309 E. 54TH ST

Minneapolis, MN 55417


Hours are: 9am to 11am Wed - Sat.

We are also open by appointment.

Give us a call to set up a time to have a look around.


We carry a wide variety of quality musical instruments.  In fact, there's simply too many to list here.  These are some items of interest we currently have available*.  Stop by to see the whole collection.

*While we do our best to keep this list current, we cannot promise that an item listed here hasn't recently sold. 


 Mandolins  Violins  Ukes & Others
 Kay 5 string Banjo  Gibson A-50  Gaspard Duiffo Pruggar  Sho-Bud Maverick
 S.S. Stewart Banjo Uke  The Loar LM-110  Neuner Mittenwald  Martin Style 2 Uke

 Silvertone  Jacobus Stainer  No Name Bari Uke
 The Loar LM-310-BRB  Pantanei  Record King Lap Steel
     Palatino 4/4 Outfit  Hilo Soprano Uke
     Palatino 3/4 Outfit  Harmony Baritone Uke
     J. H. Rothchild 3/4  Airline Baritone Uke
     Fioria Recital 1/4  Harmony Baritone Uke
   Items Listed in:      
  Black - Used Items    
  Oxblood - Vintage    
  Royal Blue - New    

Banjos - Mandolins

Ukes - Violins - etc