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4309 E. 54TH ST

Minneapolis, MN 55417


Hours are: 9am to 11am Wed - Sat.

We are also open by appointment,

give us a call to set up a time to have a look around.


We carry a wide variety of quality amps.  In fact, there's simply too many to list here.  These are some items of interest we currently have available*.  Stop by to see the whole collection.

*While we do our best to keep this list current, we cannot promise that an amp listed here hasn't recently sold. 

Guitar Amplifiers  Bass Amplifiers - Cabinets & Misc.
Crate G60 By SLM Yamaha JX50B
Crate Acoustic 125-D Fender Reverb Tank
Force-1 6 watt Marshall AVT 412
Stage by Unicord Kalamazoo Bass 30
Fender Champion 110  
Crate Cimarron  
Fender 60s Showman Amp  
Marshall VS 100 Head  
Acoustic Tube 60  
Roland Cube-60  
Plush P1000S 1971  
Fender 1978 Princeton Reverb  
Fender 1981 Princeton Reverb  
Fender Acoustic Jr  
  Items Listed in:
  Black are Used Items
  Oxblood are Vintage Items

  Royal Blue are New Items